Tuesday, 29 July 2008

On The Wagon

We got through 8 Slabs of Coopers and 2 Cases of Wine over the past 9 Days, between 6 of us not the worst effort. Not to mention the Canadian Club, Jack Daniels, Chivas, Vodka, Champagne, Lunchtime Cocktails and everything else we ingested at pubs, clubs, cafes and the likes.

On top of this we ate like kings, lots of meat, cheese, antipasto and more wine to wash it down with. Yesterday on the gourmet drive home I had Slow braised Beef Cheek from the King River Cafe and bought $40 worth of stinky soft cheeses from the Milawa Cheese Factory, washed down with a tasting at Brown Brothers and another box full of delicious wine. Help.

As a result my insides are pickled with booze and arteries clogged with cheese, worth it but its time to detox. I end up doing this at least twice a year, always after Christmas and NYE when you could pretty much roll my Turkey Fat Ass down the street. Monday 4th August it is on, others are welcome to join, one always feels better after these events however being horrid to loved ones is a side effect.

There is no Meat, Alcohol, Caffiene, Dairy or Wheat. So its basically Vegetables, Fruit, Rye Bread and Digestive Bitters, not for the faint hearted. If you need convincing as to why to do this check out this site for some suggestions. For me its about Mind, Body and Wallet.

Starting after this weekend of course, couldn't miss New Mic Order, I want to get my Jehst on (better play Water Torture Mex!)

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