Sunday, 13 July 2008

Oh the hilarity!

I thought I was in for a bit of a chore when I had to go through boxes of my old shit. Stuff that I haven't seen for over 10 years. I'm throwing most of it out (and yes, donating clothing and the like), but I did find some gold. 90's gold. All in all it was quite eventful. Can't wait to go through more stuff...

Letters and and fan art from pen pals that shared my unhealthy obsession with NKOTB. Unfortunately, NKOTB did not rule 4 eva

Full set of trading cards

A million comics. They were shit but I still had to buy them

I also found some of my old cassette's. Now, I'd be lying if I said that I only listened to cool stuff (and so would you)! What a collection, NKOTB x a million, Tiffany, uhhhh Warrant, Primus...

I couldn't even remember who The Party was, so I had to look them up... Damon Pampolina!! Mmmm undercuts, running man, cheesy pop, it's all there. I couldn't bear to watch it all, so I don't expect you to...

...but this is probably worth seeing (though it's not the single in the pic, definitely the best one on the album. It's true, I owned the album):

I'll have to upload some of the tshirts I found too, damn classic.


Community College said...

that nkotb shit is SO cute! you know theyve rejoined, hello hayley comeback tour penny lane, we'll call it "Almost Lame-ass"

Hayley said...


There's so much more of it too. Pretty hilarioius.

Comeback tour...I may possibly have to go to satisfy 15 year old Hayley.

Hayley said...

Ugh...can't spell hilarioius just means funnier than hilarious. Ha

Josephine said...

awww the memories! love the picture!

i had that rubiks clock thing, to this motherfucking day i do not know what the objective of it was.

don't throw any of that shit away!

Hayley said...

All the stuff in the pics I'll definitely be holding on to. There's more so I'll upload some more gold soon.

Ugh the clock! Both sides had to have all sides point to 12 o'clock. I spent 3 days on it I think and finally worked it out and solved that shit. It was such a let down and not very impressive to show your friends, "Look! Look! ....all clocks point to 12"

On the other hand, I could unlink the rings in 8 seconds.