Monday, 28 July 2008

Throwback goodness, part one: Lisa Frank

I would like to start a series where we go through shit (but awesome) stuff we liked pre-boob days (and no jokes that that is the current state of my life ok, i get it i have no tits). Ahem..anyway, yes they were simpler times. No job, no money worries, no urinary tract infections and fights with your boyfriend, ahhhhh. And best of all, with the money you did have you spent it all on dumb shit like comic books, craft sets and stationary (actually I kinda do that now).

When it came to stationary, nobody macced it in the 80s-90's quite like LISA FRANK. Lisa Frank is a US artist who did all these AWESOME tacky illustrations of ballerina pandas and momma and baby whales canoodling and shit and had SO many fuckin products it was truly ridiculous. I had a fluffy pen and some penguin stickers. But here is some of the beauty and majesty...behold LISA FRANK.

These ads used to appear in Betty and Veronica comics. Man i used to love the ads in those. I was always pissed they were only for the US. I was so excited when I went on holiday there when i was eleven coz they had so much gnarly shit for a little girl, like a trillion different lip smackers (whoah someone should totally post about them!) and a million Sanrio stores, again, i totally still dig all that shit.

Alas these aren't mine....but i did collect erasers. Dont think i had any lisa frank ones like this but i had a heap...where the fuck are they, under my mums house in a box of shit no doubt. Same as my soap collection. Yes I had one of them too.

Ah, a classic Lisa Frank scene. How much fun are these guys having? I think heaven will look something like this. I like to think so. But have booze involved and no food can make you fat, especially nachos.

Aw, look at this little guy. Go ahead and like include all the shit I love why don't you Lisa. Okay so I don't LOVE beaded necklaces, but if it was a candy one i guess i'd be down.
Ahhhh, wait where did everyone go? Am I boring you?


Josephine said...

i don't think we had lisa frank in the uk =(

or maybe i was just too busy having sex to notice. you see, i had all my sex pre-boob and now, post-boob, i collect stationery. i like to flip the script like that.

i love this series already! what's next, what's next???


haha x

peachypan said...

I'm in total agreeance with the heaven bit, nice post, she really is the best!