Sunday, 6 July 2008

All Stops

Nice to have a relaxo with friends at ours. A fancy BBQ, mulled wine and a trip up to the local for the first installations of All Stops, a new weekly hip hop gig, this time starring Mexi, Payps and Young Steezy. 




Next week, Mexi, No Name Nathan and Payps.

(Thanks Sophie, for the new jeans and tee. You are superfantastic!) x


Mr Bananas said...

and where be this new night?

Hayley said...

Just up the road from us, but for everone else...In a far away land called Newport (aka pretty much Williamstown), at the Junction.

Where are you at in Melbourne land?

Mr Bananas said...

i'm a Southbank dweller...i've heard the name Williamstown in connection with Penguins i think...

i'm not too hot on my Melbourne Geography, i start feeling lost if i find myself anywhere not within walking distance of Crown!