Friday, 18 July 2008

Don't Believe the Hype(beast)

Hypebeast have put these little puppies up as a 'brand new colourway' for release in January 2009. I hope they are being re-released as they were getting around the $500US mark on eBay last time I was chasing a pair but they are about as new as the shoe itself?

As far as I know they were first released in 1991, then again in 2003 & 2005? Making them as new as the 'new' Infrareds that are also dropping late 2008. I feel for the people that have the originals, now there are going to be 14yr old Hype DC kids running around wearing them. Devo.

That said Persian Violet has to be one of the greatest colours ever developed by Nike. Power to Purple.

1 comment:

Josephine said...

these kicks remind me of davina petch.

oh, davina petch? yeah, she was a girl at my secondary school. jeez, do i have to explain EVERYTHING to you guys?