Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Throwback Soph Style

Hama Beads. Can you believe they don't even have a website? That's old school. I used to make these things out of Neons and Glitters till the Cows came home.

Nice and Old School safe too, Kids using Irons, awesome.

I spent my childhood reasonably obsessed with Hama Beads and Lego - which is hilarious because I am anal and like organised things. I never used to cross Lego colours and all my Hama creations were perfectly colour coded, similar to my kicks right now, lined up in Style/Colour order.

Anyway I digress. on further Google investigation I found a little Swedish lass by the name of Cajsita making some pretty dope Hama Bead necklaces, I have seen an AK47 that was homemade but this is pretty pro. They aren't HM but they've got their place.

Also stumbled upon a webstore that Hayley Mei should totally be living in. Behold Chocosho.

Again I digress, we should have a Hama Bead party, maybe not because we'd all commit Booze, get Joy and burn ourselves with Irons. But Hama Beads is my throwback of the day, nestled lovingly with homemade 2 Piece Summer Tank Top/Short combinations, coloured plastic beads for bike spokes and scrunchies. Can't tell I grew up in the 90's?

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Hayley said...

Burning yourself with an iron is heaps safer than GHB Bindeez!

Do you have any of your Hama creations lying around? I want to see photo's!