Monday, 28 July 2008

OMG! can I enter!

Press Release:
Are you a woman with a loud mouth? A foul-mouth?
Can you drink any bloke under the table?
Are you more interested in footy than fashion?
Are you a domestic disaster?
Consider yourself a party animal?

If this sounds like you, then you might be a “ladette” – a foul-mouthed, loud and uncultured young woman who needs a crash course in etiquette and manners.

Following the highly successful UK reality show Ladette to Lady, which is set at Eggleston Hall Finishing School in England, Channel Nine is currently searching for Australian ladettes to take part in a new series of Ladette to Lady.

If you want to be part of the Australian version of Ladette to Lady, or you know someone who does, log onto for all the details. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change your life, including a trip to the UK to attend Eggleston Hall Finishing School.

Applications are only open for a few weeks so do not hesitate to apply.

Um, hello! I missed out on Australian Princess (lost my passport or some shit and couldn't apply) but is this my next calling?? Actually I'm not gonna apply coz i have a job and i'm not a fuckin idiot but if i was still at uni I would be hitting this. I don't care about footy, but I think they could frame me as a 'rank party girl' rather than yobbo. I mean I have yakked in my own bed through drunkeness a number of times surely that counts for ladette (twice with a boy in it too, i AM class). I could go on about my exploits but some of them are just too rank, I am truly ashamed at my behaviour at times that i rather not get into it. I have tamed heaps man, ooohweeee when i was 20, shit, I'm lucky I'm not dead haha.

I also have lots of drunken pictures of myself to send with the application. This is a fav from uni days. I had a habit of just passing out cold from over drinking in which my 'friends' found it HILARIOUS to sit shit all over me, drunken jenga stylz. Looking through all my old photos tho I have come to realise I've aged about 5 years in 6 months. Damn u ACCLAIM!!



Hayley said...

Fuck etiquette and manners! All you need are the basics and when to use them.

But please, I want to see you on TV! As long as you don't come back reformed, it's OK to enter. x

peachypan said...

man I can't believe this is a highly succesful show, I mean I did watch pretty much every single episode, errrr, I like to work on my stuff late! But still,
I was thinking at the time "man I wonder if anyone else in the world is even watching this?"

I'd love to go on! But yeah I'm a pretty boring drunk, blargh!
I'd especially like to see you on it, bummer about the princess thing too!

Anonymous said...

Hi lady- are you drunk now? Todays post are gold!
I haven't puked in my bed for years- you're fucking rad!! I love ladette to lady! Season 2 was king!

luv jessie meow