Monday, 28 July 2008

Where I'd Rather Be

After a solid week and a bit of Boarding (I'm not going to say Committing becuase I Comitted like a bit of a (shit) girl) I was kind of welcoming spending my Monday not falling off a chairlift or being hungover or eating 2 Minute Noodles for lunch. However peak hour trains, freezing cold in innapropriately not warm corporate attire and the general bore of sifting through 150+ unimportant emails has left me suitably disenchanted with life, so much so I'd rather be here.

As we were driving off the glorious mountain that is Falls Creek, the snow was romantically falling on our little heads, a continuation of a fresh dump that began at 1am the night before when I wandered home from the pub through the trees. Fresh Powder this morning would be a nice change to fresh Coffee, however the Melbourne coffee I had this morning was pretty boss. But for now I have to go back to the enchanting world of footwear development and entertaining executives, not joy.

Stay tuned for the Mayorette guide to Falls Creek, its going to be Boss.

I will also explain why I keep saying the words Joy, Commit and Boss so much.


Hayley said...

Glad you're back lady!

Blind Kid Seeks said...

So joy that your comitted to being Boss.

I hope you got tweaked out and touch gnar daily.