Friday, 11 July 2008

12th July

They are dropping, not sure if anyone will get them in MYC but Provider would be the best bet.

Probably the hottest shoes actually designed for Women in a long time. Grey and White are getting bought come Saturday. Available from Alife stores via Telephone.

The Mens are out too but I think the Chicks won this round.

Here are the specs, usually I wouldn't bother but this is actually interesting.

ALIFE and Reebok are proud to introduce the ALIFE for Reebok collection: 4 classic Reebok silhouettes realized entirely in canvas for the first time.

Featuring DuPont technology, the all-canvas uppers have been coated in Teflon, making them stain and water resistant while still allowing all of the breathability of traditional summer weight canvas.

The men's pack features the ERS 5000, a very clean running shoe that was originally introduced in 1993, in three colorways: White/Yellow, Grey/Blue and Black/Red.

ERS stands for Energy Return System and the 5000 was the pinnacle product within the ERS category which also included the ERS 1000 and 2000.

The women's pack features the Ventilator, the Pro Legacy Mid and the Freestyle High, three different iconic styles originally designed for three different functions: running, basketball and aerobics, respectively.

Like the men's pack, the women's pack also features White, Grey and Black canvas uppers.

All six shoes feature fully leather-lined collars and insoles, and each shoe comes with three additional pairs of shoe laces, each packaged in a custom printed lace-bag.

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