Friday, 30 May 2008


I need some new shoes.

I say well done to me, I managed that sentence without swearing even though I really wanted to.

These (and a host of others) are on my wishlist:

Screw it. Fuck I need some new shoes.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Sneaker Freaks Swap Meet

Dropped in to Section 8 (surprise) to catch the set up of the swap meet. If you missed it, make sure you get to the next one - tonnes of kicks!


DJ Krush at Section 8 - Melbourne

Nice. Krush on a Sunday afternoon at my favourite bar...for free. After 2 nights of traditional Mayorette behaviour, it was a bit of a struggle, but we managed to remain well behaved. It was awesome to hear a more relaxed set.
Anyway, flicks:

Riders for sensible people:

Hey ladies:

Jacob warms the crowd up

The man himself

Mayorette style, raiding the rider

$2 Scratchies back in action on 4 decks!

Bathroom aftermath

I'm no fan of the new age beatnik boys. You know, skinny jeans, inside out cardigans/jumpers knitted by nanna, frowny tea drinking art students. This overheard conversation didn't help.

"I can totally tell that Krush has been hanging out with Futura 2000."

"Yeah, yeah. It's so chill."


Sunday, 25 May 2008

Favela Rock - Melbourne

It's been ages since I've been to Favela. Although I was having the worst hair day on record (the hair wasn't so bad, it was just the frizz. The Damn frizz!). It was a bunch of fun as always.

Whiskey is only a sometimes drink. Sorry everyone, that it took so long for me to realise.

The lovely Miss Alex


YOU! You were taking some hideous photos of me. Avert your eyes if you ever see them, they are sure to be Medusa-esque. 

Thanks again to Opulent. See ya next time.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

DJ Krush at Section 8 - Melbourne

This gig was hush hush, I held on to the secret for a while and couldn't even share it with my closest friends, but I figured it was less of a secret last night when I looked up and saw the poster.

Krush with $2 Scratchies
Section 8
From 3pm 25th May

and it's free.

I love Melbourne

Section 8 - Melbourne

The regular Friday night at Section 8. It was 2 degrees outside so we huddled around the head burning heaters until the drinks warmed us up. Good to have Davey behind the bar again and nice to catch up with some old friends...

Andy does some podium dancing...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Just a quick word

The new Hayley Mei collection is coming soon...and it ain't pretty!

Down with cupcakes, tea and unicorns - they are for the faint of heart.

For this collection, I drew inspiration from groupies. Not the kind you're thinking of, but the super groupies of the past. The GTO's, Apple Scruffs, The Flying Garter Girls...the list goes on. Think 'Almost Famous' rather than the girls you might see with and access-all-areas pass these days. The signature piece pays homage to my favourite muse, rebellious NYC model and the hottest thing to grace back stage - Bebe Buell, melting hearts the world over.

The new line also includes remixed versions of old favourites such as Love Me Tender and State your name showcasing new colours, stainless steel and chunky chain. The Vegas collection also returns featuring casino chips and dice.

Included is a collaborative piece with Ladie Poise, plus Aussie rapper A-Love jumps on board for Hayley Mei.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Sneaker Freaks swap meet - Melbourne

I know it says May 5, but the next one is Monday May 26. Jump to it, the last one was killah.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Hayley Mei - it's almost here

I know you've been waiting for EVER! We've had some setbacks but I can now say that it is SO close. A few changes will be made, the website will be looking a little different over the next few weeks. New stock will be filtering through, an online store will be set up and we'll be hitting some new stockists. There's an awesome shoot lined up too. 

Get ready for more Mei! It ain't pretty

Sneaker Freakette takeover

Sneaker Freaker has dedicated their front page to the ladies. This is some SERIOUSLY good shit and I am most impressed.

There are a host of new sneakers reviewed that will be dropping in the coming months plus interviews with Erin Magee @ Made Me, Yasi @ Cultist, Jee-Nice @ Anattitude and Valdmir @ Kendo LA along with a host of newsflashes from Hayley Mei, Dame Deco, Hellz Bellz, Roxy Cottontail, George Terrific and much much more.

Spy some new HM and Mayoress stuff and Get on the Sneaker Freakette forum while you're there.

Thanks for doing it for the ladies SF...Mayorettes love M.A.F.I.A!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

There's something about Andy

I've recently started uploading flicks to Flickr and noticed today that the shots of our favourite Andy have been viewed quite a few times. More so than any other photo. So this leads me to believe that someone, or some people might have taken a bit of a liking to him.

Yes ladies, he's single. So if you see him out and about, feel free to give him a bit of a wink and a smile, say hello and introduce yourself. Keep note, you must pass a Mayorettes test - you must be worthy.

Sundays can be fun too

We farewelled Sean, one our favourite Section 8 bar staff was initially meant to be a quick goodbye cos I've had so much work to do lately. But it's Section 8 and Sean made sure that there was a supply of shots for everyone. Needless to say we had yet another rowdy night.

We'll miss you Sean!

Whisky. Large.

Jerome on the tail end of a big weekend.

Nice hand styles

This is an ad I saw on the back of the Lamplighter toilets a few years back. I've only just re-discovered this photo and just had to share it. Some fk had decided that this kind of stuff really reaches out to todays youth. Oh yeah, I'm feeling it.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Section 8 - Melbourne

Friday nights at Section 8 are guaranteed to spawn rowdy behaviour, it's always good to let go after a week of work. Once the suits have gone home to cook dinner and prepare for a weekend of domestic duties, it's time for us to play. 

Afternoon starters

Bad behaviour